What’s a building inspector’s job?

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A building inspector checks construction projects for compliance with building codes. They may work for the government or be hired by a homeowner. Education and certification requirements vary, but continuing education is often necessary.

A building inspector is one who inspects buildings, roads, bridges, dams, tunnels, and almost any other type of construction job to make sure there is nothing wrong or unstable with the way the job is being done. Often, the services of such an individual are required to obtain the appropriate permits and completion certificates from local, state and federal governments. Therefore, the work of a building inspector is very important.

A building inspector, sometimes called a building inspector or home inspector, usually works for a local or state government. This way, there is an independent inspector checking different aspects of the construction, which can help provide a more accurate picture of what is going on. In some cases, questions may arise if a contractor hires a private building inspector. This is because some believe that an inspector paid by a contractor can report favorably on that contractor in order to secure future jobs.

A building inspector is very concerned that certain building codes are being followed, as enforced by the jurisdiction in which the building is located. This is why the inspector can also be called a code inspector. The code is a guideline not only for general construction, but also for electrical and plumbing components. All must pass inspections before a building is considered completed.

A home inspector may be a specific type of building inspector who deals only, or at least primarily, with those structures intended for housing. This will include not only single-family homes, but also any multi-family housing units, such as apartments and condos. These buildings may require special features, such as better ventilation, more exits or egress windows, that other buildings may not have. In some cases, a homeowner may hire a home inspector to inspect a home to make sure it is sound before buying.

Many who become building inspectors do so because of their experience in the construction industry. In fact, more than 50 percent of those in the building inspection industry have no qualification other than a high school diploma. Those with university degrees often have them in engineering or architecture. Therefore, there is a wide range of people who can bring various experiences with them into this type of work.

In addition to the educational requirement, whether acquired in a formal classroom setting or through experience, there may also be certification or licensure requirements. These requirements will likely require a building inspector to obtain continuing education credits to keep up with the latest requirements and methods. While this adds to the expense of the profession, it also helps the inspector do a better job and helps ensure quality work is done to the public.

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