What’s a Café Glacé?

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Café glace is a refreshing iced coffee drink that can be made at home using instant coffee, sugar, milk, vanilla, flavored syrup, and ice cubes blended together. It’s a perfect pick-me-up or after-dinner drink.

Café glace is a refreshing coffee drink that combines a number of elements to produce a frothy and delicious beverage. This selection of iced coffee is ideal for an afternoon pick me up or as a drink to enjoy after your evening meal. Many coffee shops offer a type of coffee drink that can properly be called a coffee glaze, but it is also possible to create the drink at home.

To make Café glace at home, all you need is a typical kitchen blender and some simple ingredients. Naturally, the main ingredient in the drink is coffee. Depending on your preference, the drink can be made using freshly brewed coffee or instant coffee. However, many people find that using instant coffee provides a nicer texture and stronger taste.

The basic recipe for Café glace calls for two teaspoons of instant instant coffee. A teaspoon of sugar or an equivalent amount of an artificial sweetener is added to instant coffee. Two tablespoons of hot water are used to moisten and dissolve the sugar and coffee into a thick liquid that will serve as the base for the drink. Next, 6 to 8 ounces of milk is added to the coffee-sugar mixture. The milk can be whole or reduced according to taste. For people who avoid dairy products, soy or rice milk can be used instead.

The liquid is placed in a blender, where a teaspoon of vanilla is added. To add some extra flavor and color, a teaspoon of chocolate or other flavored syrup may be added. As a final ingredient, add several ice cubes. With standard-sized ice cubes, six to eight are usually enough.

Sealing the top of the blender, blend all the ingredients until the ice is completely crushed and a frothy layer appears at the top of the Glace Café. This shouldn’t take more than thirty to forty-five seconds altogether. Pour the prepared drink into a cup or coffee mug or clear glass and serve immediately.

Preparing a coffee house at home is very economical and can add a touch of elegance when completing the evening meal. Created with ingredients found in nearly every kitchen pantry, even a novice coffee maker can succeed in producing an iced coffee treat that will delight guests and family members alike.

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