What’s a camp stove?

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Camping stoves are portable outdoor cooking gadgets with two main types: canister and liquid fuel. Canister stoves use propane or butane and are easy to use, while liquid fuel stoves use white gas or kerosene and require pressurizing. Family-sized stoves have multiple burners and some have grills. Camp stoves are for outdoor use only.

A camping stove is a portable outdoor cooking gadget. There are many different sizes and weights of camp stoves available, but the two main types are the canister and liquid fuel models. Backpacking stoves are the most compact and lightest models, while family-sized cooking equipment often comes with several burners. The basic structure of the camping stove is a lid and case-like metal frame that holds cooking elements and lighting functions. Camp stoves are made for outdoor use only and should never be used indoors.

Canister styles of camping stoves are considered the easiest to use as the cooking flame can be controlled by turning a knob. Propane, butane, or a blend of these two fuels are often used in the cylinder. The container typically looks like an oblong-shaped piece of metal; it attaches to the stove and is usually found on the outside face of the camping stove.

Liquid fuel camp stoves have a tank that can hold white gas or kerosene. It should be noted, however, that the type of fuel these types of camping stoves are designed for depends greatly on the heating resources available in the part of the world where they are sold. Regardless of the type of heating material used, a liquid fuel camping stove should be started by pumping the tank to pressurize it. It takes longer than a container stove to get the temperature ready to cook.

Some models of family camping stoves are large and sturdy enough to hold large pots, such as those used for boiling corn on the cob. Larger outdoor stoves have more than one burner. Many travel stoves are so compact that they fit into a smaller pot or pan, yet can be folded up into a small one-fire cooking gadget at the campsite. Backpackers, like campers who carry their outdoor gear on car trips, need to cook outdoors, but because they hike and carry gear, compact, lightweight stoves are important.

A camping grill is generally considered to be a great feature of any type of outdoor stove. It’s a metal rack designed to weather the elements; this bonus feature comes with many different brands of camping stoves. While the regular camping stove rack is made to hold pots and pans, a grill is designed to cook meats like steaks, hot dogs or hamburgers right on the metal. A drip tray placed under the stove elements typically collects the drippings.

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