What’s a Cantilever Bracket?

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Cantilever brackets are L-shaped metal brackets used to support heavy objects on a wall shelf. They can hold up to 1,000 pounds and come in various colors. They are commonly used to support shelving in garages, computer desks, and televisions. They are more expensive than typical metal wall brackets.

A cantilever bracket is an L-shaped metal support bracket that can be used to hold many things. While they can be used to hold light objects, they are more suitable for use when heavy objects need to be supported on a wall shelf. A cantilever bracket can be used in situations where the weight of a supported object is approximately 1,000 pounds (453 kg) or less. The only downside to using a cantilever bracket is that they are much more expensive than typical metal wall brackets due to their ability to hold more weight.

Cantilever brackets are made from various types of metal, depending on their use. They have mounting holes both along the top flat metal piece, which is designed to hold the shelf or other object to be mounted, and along the vertical piece that mounts to the wall. Generally, they come in multiple colors such as pewter or coated in black or white.

One of the most common purposes of cantilever brackets is to support shelving in a garage where the user plans to hold heavy tools such as a saw. Another typical use is to provide support for a computer desk. Many people who build their own computer desk would like it to “float”. Using cantilever brackets in this situation is very helpful.

A user can purchase cantilever brackets and space them at specific intervals along a wall for a mobile computer desk. After fixing the brackets, the computer desk surface can be placed on top of them. Cantilever brackets not only support the weight of the desktop, they will also be able to support the weight of all the computer and office equipment that will need to be placed on the desk. Another benefit of this is that there is nothing in the way under the desk to hinder users.

Another common use of cantilever brackets is to support televisions. Sometimes to save space in a small area, a user may choose to support the TV with a wall bracket. Because TVs can be heavy, just any wall mount won’t do. Since the Cantilever Bracket is a metal wall bracket capable of supporting up to 1,000 lbs (453 kg), this quality makes it the ideal wall bracket to use in this situation. The brackets can be wall mounted, have a shelf placed on top of them and then a television placed on top of the shelf, creating the ideal wall mount for your television without the risk of damaging your television.

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