What’s a car club?

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Auto clubs are organizations for car owners and enthusiasts, with various themes and international scope. Members pay a fee and participate in events, shows, and workshops. Some clubs offer benefits and services, and members can establish friendships and support each other.

An automobile club is an organization for car owners and enthusiasts. There are several different types of car clubs, organized around all sorts of topics, and some are international in scope, with members located in many remote corners of the world. In general, the only requirement to join an auto club is a fee, as members are often welcoming to other enthusiasts, and many auto clubs have an online presence, making it easy for members to coordinate and keep up with club events.

One of the most common themes for a car club is the make or model, especially in the cult car deal. For example, a driver might join a Volkswagon club organized for Volkswagon owners, or a Nash Rambler club for people interested in Nash Ramblers. Some car manufacturers run their own car clubs, offering special benefits to members such as discounts on routine service or roadside assistance, while other manufacturers prefer to maintain a hands-off approach.

Car clubs can also be organized around a theme, such as classic cars, kit cars, hot rods, or mileage. Others focus on providing roadside assistance; The American Automobile Club or AAA, for example, offers insurance, maps and other special services to its members. Organization methods also vary; Some auto clubs are small and locally based, while others are large, with many individual chapters, and members may have varying degrees of interaction with each other.

Depending on the nature of a car club, a variety of car club related activities can be organized. Enthusiast clubs often schedule meetings so members can show off their cars, and sometimes races or driving tours are organized with members. Car clubs may also host car shows, parades, and other events that are geared toward the car club theme. Some car clubs maintain shop spaces for people to work on their cars, or offer workshops and classes for members who want to learn more about car maintenance.

Some car club members develop strong feelings of solidarity with other members, especially in the case of people who drive unusual or cult cars. Members can establish friendships with each other, and sometimes membership in a particular car club can be used as a badge with other members. For example, someone in the Million Mile Club might stay with other members on a trip. Car club members can also seek out each other when they need professional services, under the argument that members should support each other.

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