What’s a car mechanic’s job?

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Vehicle mechanics perform routine maintenance, inspections, and repairs on cars, trucks, and other vehicles. They check and change oil, rotate tires, and ensure safety features are working properly. They often have technical or vocational training and can rebuild entire engines.

A vehicle mechanic performs a number of tasks related to keeping vehicles in good working order. Often part of a vehicle mechanic’s job is to perform routine maintenance on vehicles, including tasks such as rotating tires and changing oil. A person with this title can also inspect vehicles in accordance with local laws to ensure they are safe to drive. Vehicle mechanics also repair cars, trucks, and other types of vehicles. For example, a person with this title can perform repairs when car parts and systems fail to function as they should and when recalls are issued.

Much of a vehicle mechanic’s job involves routine maintenance on cars, trucks, and other vehicles. A person with this title can check and change the oil and rotate the tires on a vehicle. It can also ensure that the vehicle’s coolant, transmission and brake fluid are maintained at optimal levels. Often, a vehicle mechanic will also check and replace the air and oil filters. In addition, he can check a vehicle’s braking system and adjust and replace components as needed.

Many jurisdictions require vehicle owners to inspect their vehicles periodically. A vehicle mechanic is usually responsible for performing these inspections. For example, he can inspect vehicle safety features such as horns, headlights, brake lights and windshield wipers to ensure they are working properly. He can also check whether or not the brakes and tires are in proper condition. Often, a vehicle mechanic will also check the emissions leaving the car through its exhaust system to ensure they are within the limits of jurisdictional standards.

Unfortunately, vehicles break down or fail to function properly from time to time. A significant part of a vehicle mechanic’s job is repairing vehicles as needed. To do this job correctly, a mechanic must first determine what is wrong with the vehicle. He then typically informs his customer or employer of any repairs the vehicle needs to return it to optimal function before proceeding with any necessary repairs. A mechanic’s repair tasks can range from simply replacing a hose or tube to rebuilding an entire engine.

The requirements a person needs to meet to become a vehicle mechanic often depend on their employer’s preferences. Employers often prefer individuals who have completed training through a technical or vocational school program, or even majored in automotive technology or repair. Many offer on-the-job training as well.

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