What’s a Cascade Impactor?

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A cascade impactor measures the flow rate range and particle size of a substance dispensed through an aerosol. It collects samples in a graduated manner through a series of discs, with each disc representing a stage of the impactor. The impactor has ten stages, with each stage collecting smaller particles than the previous one. The design consists of a motorized flow chamber that contains all the discs.

A cascade impactor is used when a particulate substance is moved through an opening with the use of aerosols. The impactor is used to measure the flow rate range of the substance. Cascade impactors are devices closely related to measurement.

In addition to measuring the range of substances displaced through an aperture by an aerosol, shock can also be used to determine the particle size of the substance being dispensed. A cascade impactor collects its samples in a graduated manner. This allows the user to identify the particle size of the substance as the particles are dispensed from the propellant aerosol source.

As the aerosol substance is dispensed into the cascade impingement, the substance enters a series of discs designed to collect solids and various particles. The substance is thus collected as it passes through the series of discs. Each disc is set in sequence with both the previous and the previous disc. The size of the discs is also graduated, to correctly determine the particle size in each stage of the impactor.

There are typically ten different stages in a waterfall impactor; the stages vary from large to small, depending on the substance to be measured. The lighter the substance, the farther it will go into the impactor. Each disc in the impactor has its own speed in which it is used to collect the substance as it passes through. Once the disks cease to collect any amount of matter, the user is able to determine the dispersion rate of the substance propelled by the aerosol.

The function of the Cascade Impactor is directly relevant to its design, which consists of a motorized flow chamber that contains all discs. Each disc within the flow chamber represents one stage of the impactor. Each step acts as a guide for the user to determine the dispersion rate for the substance.

As the substance is dispensed within the impactor, the discs at each stage collect any particulates or sizable amounts of solid matter they are able to collect. This allows smaller and smaller solid particles to pass to the next stage of the impactor. Since each disc has its own collection velocity, the flow chamber gains velocity toward the impactor tip. This allows collection of the finest particles up to the end of the impactor.

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