What’s a chisel?

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Chisels are metal tools used for cutting, carving and shaping in wood, stone and metal working. They come in various styles and sizes and can be used independently or with a mallet. Steel is the most common material used for chisels. Choosing the right chisel for a task requires experience. Chisels are critical tools in woodworking and carpenters take excellent care of them to avoid damaging the material being worked on. Ancient chisels were made of flint and evidence of their use has been found in archaeological sites.

A chisel is a type of metal tool that has a sharp beveled edge designed for cutting, carving, and shaping. Chisels are used in wood, stone and metal working and a wide variety of styles and designs are available for specific tasks. Specialty shops that cater to all of these fields typically carry a wide variety of chisels, sometimes in starter sets for people just learning the trade. Some craftsmen consider chisels to be their most important tools and, as a result, take excellent care of them.

The earliest form of chisel began appearing around 8,000 BC, and was made of flint, rather than metal. Archaeological sites have uncovered numerous examples of early chisels, along with evidence of their use. Just like modern chisels, ancient chisels could be used independently or in conjunction with a mallet or mallet which drives the chisel into the material being worked.

Steel is one of the most common building materials for chisels, as it is durable, corrosion resistant, and very strong. Other metals can be employed for specific types of chisels. Typically, the metal is cast in a bar with a sharp beveled edge on one side. The bar can be attached to a metal, wooden or plastic handle and in some cases the handle is cast as part of the chisel to make the tool stronger.

A wide variety of chisel sizes and styles are available, from very small chisels designed for the fine detail of woodworking to heavy chisels designed for cold working metals. Learning how to select the right chisel for a task can take years of experience. Stonemasons in particular can struggle in the early years of training with chisels, as the wrong chisel can cause a piece of stone to crack or break, rendering it unusable.

In woodworking, chisels are used extensively for everything from carving fine details to roughing out slots in pieces of wood that fit together. Because chisels are such critical tools, some carpenters build specialized cabinets for them designed to keep chisels organized and safe; chisels can also be wrapped in insulating material and stored in toolboxes. Carpenters also know the consequences of using the wrong chisel, as wood can split or be heavily gouged by a poorly chosen chisel.

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