What’s a Circular Saw?

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A track saw is a power tool used for cutting wood. It slides on an aluminum rail to ensure straight cuts and prevent splintering. The saw is designed to work with the rail and may have a dust collection system.

A track saw is a type of power tool used to cut wood. The saw itself works similar to a circular saw, as a round blade rotates at a high speed to make the cut. The saw slides on an aluminum rail which rests on the piece to be cut; this rail ensures that the rail saw runs perfectly straight along the length of the wood, and because the blade itself is positioned so close to the edge of the rail, the wood is less likely to splinter when cutting.

The track itself is usually very light. It features duct tape or other gripping material attached to the bottom of the rail to ensure that the rail does not move as the rail saw slides along it. This eliminates the need for additional clamps to secure the rail in place, although in some applications it may be necessary to clamp the rail to ensure the stability of the saw while cutting. The top of the rail has a guide slot or rail on which the saw itself will rest. This rail is a low friction rail that will allow the saw to slide smoothly along the rail in a straight line.

The rail saw will look and sometimes appear exactly like a circular saw, with one major difference: The bottom of the saw is designed to work specifically in conjunction with the rail, so it will be slotted to work with the low-friction rail on the track. The blade will also be in a different position relative to the circular saw body; it is mounted to align with the edge of the rail, ensuring that the cut is made wherever the edge of the rail rests. This allows the carpenter to see where the cut will be before starting to make the cut itself. This can save time and material waste.

Some models of the track saw will be equipped with a dust collection system. This will help minimize the blowing of sawdust into the air. Sawdust can be harmful when it comes into contact with the eyes and when breathed in, so the sawdust will be collected from the cut and vacuumed through a dust collection system. Very often a bag is attached to the dust collection system to hold the dust until it is ready to be disposed of.

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