What’s a Coffee Vending Machine?

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Coffee vending machines dispense different types of coffee into paper cups after coins or cash are deposited. They were first created in 1946 for use in factories. Today, they can be found in hospitals and college campuses where coffee shops are not available. Vending machines have been around since ancient times, but modern vending machines were first used in London in the 1880s.

A coffee vending machine is a paper cup coin-operated vending machine filled with one or more different types of coffee. The machines are usually quite large and rectangular in shape like most vending machines. They feature an area near the center where a paper cup is spread out on a small platform before being automatically filled with coffee after a certain button is pressed elsewhere on the machine. The right amount of money must be deposited into the slot before the cup and drink are dispensed from the coffee vending machine. Some machines today accept credit cards, but many only accept coins or cash.

The first coffee vending machine was created in 1946. Most of these were installed in working environments such as factories and the idea of ​​the coffee break became popular. In the early days of coffee vending machines, only one type of brew was offered. In 1960, a grinder became part of many coffee vending machines, while 1991 saw the addition of different coffees available per machine. These coffees include espresso, cappuccino, and flavored varieties.

A coffee vending machine can be placed in a row with other types of food and beverage machines. Some vending machines dispense water and soda, while others offer snacks like chips and candy bars. Sodas dispensed in cups were available in vending machines in the early 1920s, while soda bottles were first sold in 1930. Canned soda was not available in vending machines until 1961.

Coffee vending machines are especially convenient in areas where coffee shops are non-existent or close early. For example, some hospital cafeterias are part of cafeterias that may close at 6pm, while visiting hours are until at least 8pm. Hospital workers, patients or visitors may appreciate a hot drink when other food services are no longer open. College campuses are another place where a coffee vending machine is likely to be appreciated as a welcome convenience after normal coffee shop hours.

Interestingly, the concept of vending machines is actually an ancient idea attributed to Hero of Alexandria in 215 BC. Hero was a Greek mathematician and engineer who invented coin-operated devices for dispensing holy water in temples. In the more modern world, it was in London, England that began using vending machines in the 1880s. These machines first dispensed postcards and then books. In 1888, the United States began dispensing rubber and small toys in vending machines before using them primarily for candy, chips, soda, and coffee.

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