What’s a Combo?

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Combine harvesters are efficient agricultural equipment that harvest, thresh, and clean grain. They have interchangeable headers and can be used for various grains. They reduce the cost of harvesting and are available from high-tech to animal-powered versions. They have contributed to the industrialization of agriculture worldwide and are one of the main tools of commercial agriculture. Companies like John Deere specialize in their manufacture and sale, and they can be purchased new or used.

A combine harvester is agricultural equipment designed to harvest, thresh, and clean grain as it moves across a field. Combine harvesters are capable of harvesting a large amount of crop in a short period of time, reducing the overall cost of the harvesting process by making it more efficient. Many farms around the world use combines ranging from high-tech computerized devices to more antiquated harvesters, some of which are animal-powered, especially in developing countries.

Harvesting grain has long been a time-consuming and therefore expensive process. Harvesting begins with the cutting of the grain, which was traditionally stacked in sheaves that were gathered by people who would thresh the grain, separating it from the inedible stalks, then clean it, removing chaff and other inedible particles. In the 1830s, the introduction of the first combine harvesters simplified this process, contributing to the industrialization of agriculture worldwide.

A typical combine has interchangeable headers designed for specific grains. The header for the crop to be harvested is fitted and the combine is driven slowly across the field. When the combine harvests the grain, it hauls it into a giant hopper that feeds it into a beater. The beater pulls the grain out, allowing the stalks to reposition themselves in the field, then the grain is cleaned. Clean grain can be poured into bags, drums, silos and other storage facilities with the assistance of another hopper.

Because a combine harvester can multitask, it is extremely efficient. The speed of harvesting varies depending on the combine, the grain and the skill of the operator. To the casual onlooker, a combine might appear to be moving quite slowly, but the speed of a combine is actually quite remarkable when you consider that the machine is performing three tasks simultaneously. Combine harvesters are one of the main tools of commercial agriculture, making it easier to harvest grains such as wheat, rye, oats and corn and reducing costs for end consumers.

Several companies such as John Deere specialize in the manufacture and sale of agricultural equipment such as combines, along with spare parts and additional headers. A combine harvester can be a significant investment, especially for a smaller farm business. In addition to being available new through specialist companies, combines can also be purchased used at auctions and through private dealers.

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