What’s a Community Relations Manager?

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Community relations managers handle public and media relations for a company, working with executives to determine marketing strategies. They participate in local committees and events to promote a positive image, and typically hold a degree in public relations, marketing, or journalism.

A community relations manager is responsible for the public relations and media relations work of a company or organization. Community Relations Managers serve as media liaisons and coordinators of special events, company news and marketing programs. Often, community relations managers work closely with company executives and officials to determine the company’s desired image and marketing approach.

In many organizations, the job of a community relations manager spans multiple departments within an organization. As the executive director of a company’s public relations efforts, a community relations manager directs publicity programs to promote and enhance an organization’s image. The main objective of public relations is to raise awareness of the products and services offered to the community in which the target audience resides. This can involve sponsoring special events, marketing those events to the community, and collaborating with city planners to form partnerships with local businesses and city officials.

Marketing is a major component of the community relations manager’s job. He or she will work with employees and executives to create a marketing plan, execute the plan, and promote it. This may entail creating marketing flyers, event flyers, placing advertisements in local publications, and compiling promotional videos and websites. In certain cases, a community relations manager may also promote the company’s initiatives on local radio and television stations. As a spokesperson for the company, the community relations manager acts as the voice of the company to promote a positive image and downplay negative press.

A community relations manager must be actively involved in the local community to promote a positive image of the company. Community relations professionals often participate in city council meetings to clarify company initiatives and issues. In addition, a community relations manager can serve on local committees to represent the company and join forces with city planning and urban planning. By joining forces with elected officials and active community volunteers, a community relations manager can raise awareness of a company’s viability to the city and its residents.

Typically, a community relations manager holds an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in public relations, marketing, or journalism. Typical courses include advertising, marketing, public relations, media writing and business administration. Skills learned at an institution of higher learning will prepare community relations specialists to speak in public, write press releases and develop marketing projects. All of these tasks help community relations specialists promote products and services, represent the company in a positive light, and communicate with executives, employees, and community members.

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