What’s a concrete mixer in construction?

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A concrete mixer is used to mix and pour concrete, and comes in various sizes. The process requires precision in blending sand, water, and aggregate, with Portland cement being the most common mix. The rotating drum with blades mixes the concrete, and the size of the mixer depends on the job.

In construction, a concrete mixer is a device used to mix and pour concrete. The first thing that usually comes to mind when talking about a concrete mixer is a cement truck, which is a vehicle large enough to carry a heavy-duty concrete mixer in the back. However, concrete mixers come in all sizes, and a typical lightweight portable concrete mixer is about the size of a wheelbarrow.

Mixing concrete is a process that can require a certain degree of precision, and the concrete mixer is a crucial component of the process. The main thing required is the concrete itself, which is a mixture of sand, water and aggregate (crushed stone) and a place to mix it all together. Precision goes into the process in blending the exact amounts of these elements. The most common cement mix that is used in a concrete mixer is known as Portland cement, a mix that has specific properties that are easy to control, such as how long it takes to dry.

The most visible part of a concrete mixer is a rotating drum, which mixes all parts of the concrete simultaneously and keeps the mix smooth. Inside this drum are blades, which turn and mix all parts of the concrete together, and these are usually driven by a motor which is attached to the drum. Once the concrete is ready to pour, there is a hole in the drum from which the wet concrete flows out easily.

The direction of rotation of the blades can be reversed when pouring wet concrete, and they act to scoop it rather than mix it. Cement trucks can of course be a little more complex and very often the cement is mixed while the truck is on its way to a job. In case of a delay, truck mixers are designed to add an agent to the concrete mix to keep it from drying too fast.

The size of concrete mixer needed to complete a job depends primarily on the size of the job itself. Jobs requiring seven to eight cubic feet of concrete or less can usually be completed with a portable cement mixer. Anything larger than that, however, will typically require the use of a mixer truck, with some large jobs requiring many more.

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