What’s a cop bus?

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Police buses are used for transportation of officers, temporary detainment of suspects, prisoner transport, and even as mobile command posts. They can be reinforced and armored for security and protection, and may have additional features for high-risk criminals.

A police bus is a vehicle used by the police for a variety of reasons. Police buses can be reinforced armored vehicles for security and protection, as well as ordinary buses. Many buses are somewhere in between, with some equipment fitted and custom protection added for various uses. Often, though not always, they are marked as police vehicles.

Sit-down police buses are generally used for the transportation of officers. A significant number of officers may be required at a specific scene if a riot, protest, strike, or other potentially violent situation occurs. Sometimes a police bus is even used to send officers to control a crowd at a sporting event, concert, or other large gathering of people.

The police can use a police bus to temporarily hold detainees. Particularly at large events, people who have committed a crime or have simply engaged in disorderly conduct may find themselves detained and processed on a police bus. They are then held on the bus until a more appropriate vehicle, such as a police patrol car, can arrive to transport them to a detention facility.

Prisoners may also be transported by police bus. In some areas, the police force is responsible for transferring prisoners from one secure detention facility, such as a courthouse, to another. They may even be required to transfer convicted criminals to federal prison or from one jurisdiction to another. In this case, the vehicle may be equipped with features such as bulletproof glass, additional seats for officers that protect prisoners, bars or wire mesh that covers the windows, and segregated compartments for prisoners. A court service, correctional service or a designated employee of the state agency may operate the vehicle in this case.

A police bus is sometimes used to transport high-risk criminals. In this case, the vehicle often comes with additional features. Some of these could include additional radio transmitters, restrictions, global positioning units, supplementary weapons, and emergency equipment.

There are also many other, more specific purposes for a police bus. A bus manufacturer may be asked to convert an average bus to be used as a police incident control room. Mobile command posts have also been created from police buses. In such situations, the bus can be used as an operations center for air, land and sea procedures. The police force may also use retired buses for public service events, such as awareness drives, informational displays, or even mobile recruiting displays.

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