What’s a Corn Remover?

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Corn removers are available over the counter or by prescription to treat calluses, warts, and corns on the feet. They contain salicylate, which softens the corn and causes it to peel off. It’s important to use them as directed and consult a doctor before use on children, those with poor circulation, or those taking medication.

Corn removers are medications used to treat calluses, warts, and calluses on the feet. Many callus removers are available over the counter, although there are some foot callus treatments that require a prescription. A typical corn remover will be in the form of a medicated pad that is adhered to the corn or a cream that is rubbed into the corn and surrounding skin.

One of the most common ingredients in various corn remover products is known as salicylate. Both creams and pads use a topical version of this compound. When used as directed, the salicylate will cause the corn to swell and begin to soften a bit. Repeated applications will allow the corn to begin to peel off in layers until the corn is completely removed from the skin’s surface.

Depending on the size and overall condition of the corn, you may need to use the corn remover for an extended period of time before you see results. However, if the corn is treated in the early stages, the condition can be completely resolved within a few days. It is not unusual for corn removers to advise users to stop product applications if no visible changes have occurred within three days.

While most corn removers are safe for anyone to use, there are some exceptions. Many products formulated to remove calluses recommend consulting a doctor before using the product on a child under the age of twelve. Adults who have poor circulation in their feet are also advised to speak to a doctor before using any corn remover. People with diabetes are usually warned to avoid over-the-counter removers and to seek the help of a doctor to address calluses.

There is also the possibility that the topical ingredients in corn remover have an adverse interaction with various types of prescription drugs. This can be especially true with any drug formulated as an anticoagulant agent. Even over-the-counter medications like aspirin could have a negative interaction with corn remover products. For this reason, it’s a good idea to check with a doctor if you are currently taking any type of medication.

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