What’s a cue lathe?

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A cue lathe is used to make, repair and maintain cues for table games like pool and snooker. They come in various sizes, from portable to stationary, and can be used to create one-piece or two-piece cues. Stick lathes have a headstock on each end and use a motorized router to shape the wood into a cylinder. They produce a lot of dust and usually have an exhaust fan. Stick lathes can be purchased new or used, and parts can be added to enhance existing ones.

A cue lathe is a piece of machinery used to make, repair and maintain a cue. Cues, the long wooden sticks used to hit balls in table games like pool, billiards, and snooker, usually have a large rounded end and a small tapered end. It has to be very straight and precisely symmetrical to work properly. This need for symmetry is why a lathe is used.

There are various types of lathes for creating different objects and they come in many sizes. An industrial lathe will be large and stationary. For personal use, or for a small shop, many options are available. A relatively small lathe can be less than 2 feet (about 6 m) long, and a larger lathe can be up to 6 feet (1.8 m) long. It can weigh less than 30 lbs (13.6 kg) or more than 100 lbs (45.5 kg).

The smaller lathes are designed to be portable and the larger ones stay stationary. They are grouped into two categories: light lathes and precision or standard production lathes. Using any size stick lathe requires a workbench or other secure, flat surface on which the lathe will rest.

Cues can be constructed from a single piece of wood or two pieces assembled for play. In a two-piece cur, the handle end is called the butt and the hitting end is called the shaft. For a two-piece cue, both the butt and shaft can be created on a lathe. Alternatively, an entire one-piece cue can be turned on the lathe.

The main parts of a stick lathe include a headstock on one end and the headstock on the other end, between which a long block of wood is clamped. A motorized router is used to cut the excess wood into the desired shape. The wood is fixed between two spikes and rotates at variable speeds, depending on the type of engine. As the router moves along the wood, shaping it into a cylinder, a large amount of dust is created. As a result, a stick lathe is usually equipped with an exhaust fan that collects the dust created during the rapid cutting of wood.

Numerous suppliers offer options for purchasing a lathe. A used stick lathe usually costs less than a new one of comparable value. You can purchase stick lathe parts such as spindle holes, belts, milling machines, motors, and dust collection systems to enhance an existing stick lathe.

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