What’s a cutting tool?

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Cutting tools are handheld devices that can be used for cutting and grinding various materials. They come in different sizes and configurations, with some requiring one hand to operate and others requiring two. These tools can be used for light to heavy grinding applications and are available in straight and angled versions. Smaller cutting tools are good for cutting thin materials, while larger ones can handle heavier grinding applications. Different cutting and grinding wheels can be used with these tools, and they can be used for both woodworking and metalworking.

A cutting tool is a hand-held, pneumatic or electric device usually designed to mount a grinding wheel or cutting wheel. They can be used in situations where a saw or other cutting tool would be cumbersome, as they are usually available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Small cutting tools can be held in one hand and operated with a lever-operated button, while more powerful units may require two hands to operate. These larger units often have a second handle mounted perpendicular to the main body of the tool to give a greater measure of control. Cutting tools can be used to cut and grind a variety of different materials, depending on how the cutting wheel is equipped.

These tools are often available in both straight and angled versions. The former has the cutting disc surface mounted perpendicular to the tool body. The latter has a spindle mounted so that the surface of the cutting disc is parallel to the body of the tool. Angled versions are sometimes known as angle grinders and are usually used for light to heavy grinding applications in addition to cutting.

Smaller cutting tools are generally good for cutting thin materials and are not made for heavy grinding applications. A small tool with a cut-off wheel can be used for light grinding, although this may cause the wheel to break. This could cause injury from flying pieces of broken cutting wheel, so using a grindstone can be much safer. Some cutting tools are designed to accept only cutting discs, while others can fit a variety of different discs.

Different tools can generally mount a variety of cutting and grinding wheels. Many use a compound-type abrasive wheel, similar to that used in an abrasive saw. A grinding wheel used with a cutting tool can be similar to a miniature grinding wheel used on a bench grinder. These types of cutting and grinding wheels can allow a cutting tool to cut through metal easily.

In regards to lathes, the term cutting tool is used for an entirely different purpose. This cutting tool, also known as a parting tool, is used to separate the workpiece from the excess material mounted on the lathe. These are used in both woodworking and metalworking. For woodworking, the parting tool is usually a hand chisel with a very specific shape. The chisel is simply pressed into the wood where a cut is desired, while the lathe is usually run at half speed. Metalworking uses a similar process, although the parting tool is usually mounted with a bracket instead of being hand held.

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