What’s a display window?

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A display case in a store’s front window showcases products to attract potential customers, often featuring seasonal or popular items and well-lit even when the store is closed. Some stores use mannequins or live models to display clothing and accessories.

A display case, commonly known as a display case or window display, is a display case positioned at the front of the store, in which products can be placed to encourage potential customers to enter the store. The window is usually decorated with products sold in the store; these products and display arrangements are often referred to as window displays, and can vary by store, by season, and by the customers the store is trying to attract. The window is usually well lit, even when the store is closed, to allow passers-by to peruse the products.

Many stores have a very large window, so larger products and decorations can be used to decorate the windows. Stores with a sidewalk in front of them will benefit from a well-designed window, as pedestrians riding in cars or even passing motorists are more likely to notice the store if the window is effectively decorated. The display can be changed to advertise a specific sale, accommodate a specific season, or simply showcase some of the store’s most popular products. Most stores leave lights on in the window at night so that customers can browse the products at any time of the day; store owners might argue that this can encourage theft or damage, but the benefits of free publicity to passers-by are often too good to pass up.

Clothing stores and boutiques often place mannequins in the window so that clothing can be displayed more efficiently. These mannequins can be full-sized and imitate human forms, or they can just be busts. Sometimes mannequins only feature heads; these are commonly used to display hats or certain types of jewelry. Other display cases may feature specially designed cases, tables or other display units that effectively showcase the merchandise sold in the store.

Store owners have become very creative over the years with regard to window dressing. Some stores have even gone so far as to display live human beings in their windows. These people are hired as models to pose in the window, wearing clothes and other accessories sold in the store. While a distinct drawback to this method is paying the models, shopkeepers can easily display multiple outfits throughout the day in different poses, and store workers don’t have to spend time refurbishing the models, as the models can do this themselves. This tactic is generally reserved for especially high-end stores.

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