What’s a fitness bench?

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Fitness benches, also known as weight benches, are low to the ground and padded for comfort. They can be used for weight lifting and other exercises, such as sit-ups, and provide a natural range of motion. They are a versatile piece of equipment for home gyms and should be tested before purchase.

A fitness bench is an accessory used by those engaged in weight training and is also sometimes called a weight bench. Fitness benches usually sit low to the ground, helping to encourage proper posture when performing certain exercises. The more functional models also have reclining backrests as needed.
A number of features are usually present on a fitness bench, but are not required. First, the fitness bench is usually padded and covered with a vinyl or leather cover. This allows for some comfort and resists sweat that soaks into another type of fabric. Second, the bench may have arms that extend vertically from the bench to hold things like weights.

Some models of fitness benches can be used for more than just weight lifting. These may include other features, such as leg supports. For those who want to do sit-ups, reclining the bench all the way down and using the leg support can provide an excellent way to do them without having to find someone to hold your feet. So even for those who want to work on their core but don’t want much to do with free weights, a fitness bench can be an invaluable tool.

A fitness bench can help provide some flexibility and increase the number of exercises that can be done safely. For example, bench press on a fitness bench gives the person performing the exercise a much more natural range of motion. Those fitness benches with vertical arms provide a natural spot to rest a set of weights once the user is done using it.

Most fitness benches are located within a gym, which will likely have a good deal of other fitness equipment. However, it may be more difficult to find a more versatile piece of equipment in any gym than the exercise bench. These benches can be used with free weights, machine weights, and even on their own. Those who are truly interested in a home gym will often find a weight bench one of the first things they invest in. Naturally, this bench can be included as a standard part of other equipment.

The best way to make a decision when buying a fitness bench is to simply test the bench. While most sporting goods stores want customers to hold off on equipment, reputable ones will let you try it out with a nearby sales associate. If the bench doesn’t feel sturdy, go ahead. Also, make sure the bench in question has the features you want. Some floor models may be different than what you’ll find when you take it out of the box at home.

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