What’s a gearmotor?

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A gearmotor is a device that uses a gear train and an electric motor to drive a large force on a low-speed object. It simplifies the design of power tools and machines that require high torque at low rpm. AC-powered motors are economical and fast, while DC-powered motors are used in the automotive industry. Reduction trains in geared motors reduce speed and increase torque. Geared motors can also multiply torque at low speed. They are used in many applications, including power drills, washing machines, and heavy industry tools.

A gearmotor is a device that allows low-power motors to drive a large force on a low-speed object. It consists of a gear train and an electric motor, both fully integrated into an easily mountable and configurable system. The benefit of using geared motors is that they simplify the design and manufacture of power tools and machines that require high torque, or moment of force, at low shaft speeds or low rpm.

A specific type of gear motor is an alternating current (AC) powered electric motor. These engines are very economical and fast, and power can vary between 1,200 and 3,600 rpm. Torque can be customized to synchronize with normal speeds and stall speeds. A small minority of gearmotors are powered by direct current (DC). DC-powered motors are mainly used in the automotive industry as important components of automobile construction, including motors for windshield wipers, electric winches on trucks, and motors for seats or power windows.

Reducing the speed output by the motor by increasing the amount of torque applied is a notable feature of reduction trains found in a geared motor. The decrease in speed is inversely proportional to the increase in torque. This relationship means that, in this type of device, if the torque were to double, the speed would decrease by half. Small electric motors, such as gear motor, are able to move and bear very heavy loads due to these gear trains. While the speed and capacity of larger motors is greater, small electric motors are sufficient to carry these loads.

The multiplication of torque at low speed through the use of a motor is another function of the geared motor. This action serves to increase the force applied by the motor on an object. Applications for torque multiplication are many and usually focus on lifting devices used in the home, manufacturing industry and hospitals.

There are many applications in industry and manufacturing for a small motor that applies a huge amount of driving force to an object at a relatively slow speed. Common appliances that contain a gear motor include power drills, washing machines, mechanical watches, and cake mixers. In heavy industry, these motors are used to power a wide variety of tools such as cranes, lifts, jacks, grapples, mixing machines and conveying machines.

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