What’s a Golf Course Superintendent?

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A golf course superintendent is responsible for overseeing workers on the course, ensuring that all areas are maintained to standard. They may be responsible for multiple courses and must schedule workers and assign tasks. Training is important for workers, and job opportunities are available for those interested in becoming a superintendent. Advancement may require moving to other courses.

A golf course superintendent is a person responsible for supervising workers on golf courses. This includes workers on the course itself, not those who might be working in a clubhouse, restaurant or any other company function. Usually, the superintendent’s primary area of ​​responsibility is for the grounds and landscaping.
Caring for a golf course, especially a world-class, heavily trafficked course, requires a significant amount of work. Tens of thousands of rounds of golf may be played on a course each year, making the course very difficult. Additionally, golf courses are always looking for ways to add new features to keep golfers interested in coming back. It takes dozens of employees, in many cases, to do this.

All of these employees are the responsibility of a golf course superintendent, who was likely also responsible for hiring. The superintendent’s job is to make sure all employees are scheduled as needed. Most of the work takes place in the early morning hours before the golfers arrive for the day. The superintendent will also assign jobs for the day. Some may be responsible for mowing fairways and rough. Others may be responsible for mowing the greens. Others may need to fertilize, irrigate, or work on other aspects of the land.

In some cases, this person may be responsible for more than one course. This happens frequently where there are resorts with multiple routes very close together. In these cases he is likely to have an assistant superintendent, perhaps one for each course. However, even on single courses, an assistant may be present.

The golf course superintendent’s job is to make sure that all areas of the course are maintained to standard. These standards are usually set by the management or owner of the golf course. To meet those standards, workers often need to have a great deal of training. While there are college courses in golf course maintenance available, most workers learn on the job and therefore must be properly instructed and followed up. This is also part of the overseer’s job.

The outlook for golf course superintendent jobs is relatively good, according to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those interested in becoming a superintendent will likely need at least college and may need to start as an assistant superintendent. However, once a person has worked as an assistant superintendent, jobs should be available in other courses. In many cases, the person stays with a single course for a long time, making advancement very difficult. Assistant Superintendents looking to move up the ranks will likely need to look for other courses with openings.

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