What’s a grand opening?

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Grand openings are important for businesses to attract customers. Promotions like discounts and coupons can entice people to attend. Even small stores can create interest with balloons or signs. Ribbon-cutting ceremonies and free food can also be part of the event.

A grand opening is the official opening to the public of a public company or office. It lets customers and potential customers know that a new development is opening in their area. Openings may include ribbon-cutting ceremonies, food and beverages, prizes and discounted prices on merchandise.

Grand openings are very important for a business as residents do not always notice a new store opening in their area. Promotions such as announcing the opening in the local newspaper and including discount coupons for customers to redeem in the store are common. The idea of ​​promoting a grand opening is to attract people to the business, in the hope that they will be longtime customers or customers. Something like a coupon or contest can help entice people to attend the grand opening.

Franchises like fast food chains continue to expand their stores and often have coupons and sometimes a prize draw as part of their grand openings. Many fast food coupons are buy one get one free (BOGO), and this concept often brings two customers into the business instead of just one. Another type of business, such as a furniture store, might just advertise a housewarming special and advertise discount deals in television, radio, and/or print ads. The excitement created by advertisements offering great deals on furniture and/or appliances in a brand new store may interest residents to attend the opening special just to see what’s in the new furniture store.

Any size and type of store can have a grand opening. Even a small store can create interest with balloons or signs. Free samples can be handed out in the hope that those who try them will like them and become regular customers. Some grand openings offer free hot dogs or other food as a way to help people attend the event, and this has worked for many years. However, it is about attracting your target market during a grand opening. For example, free hot dogs would probably be a good customer draw at a car dealership opening, but totally the wrong rate to offer at a health food store opening!

Some grand openings, such as a new public office, may feature a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Red ribbon or crepe paper is usually placed on the other side of the door and an employee associated with the building cuts the ribbon with scissors while the crowd looks on. Grand openings can also make for good press. Local newspapers may feature a story or print a press release about a new business or office in the community, as long as it is in some way interesting and important to the residents of the area.

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