What’s a greasy bread loaf?

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A grease pan drains fat and drippings while cooking, reducing the fat content of the final product. It consists of a perforated pan nested inside a larger solid pan, and comes in various materials. It can change the texture of food and requires recipe adjustments. Care instructions should be checked before purchasing.

A grease pan is a specially designed pan that allows fat and drippings to drain while cooking food, making the final product lower in fat than it otherwise would be. These pans come in an assortment of materials and sizes and are ideal for baking bread, meatloaf, and other loaf-like dishes in a fat household. However, design can change the way food cooks, so it’s a good idea to use recipes that are specifically formulated for a pot of greasy bread until you’re confident you’re working with these useful kitchen tools.

Two pots are used collectively to form a grease pan. A pan is perforated and is designed to nest inside a larger solid pan. As the food cooks, the drippings flow through the perforations and into the larger pan. The loaf cooked in the pan will then be lower in fat than it would be otherwise. The drippings can be discarded or used to make a sauce or gravy.

Many cookware is made from metal, as metal is easy to shape and handle. You can also find ceramic and glass pans designed for low-fat cooking, for cooks who want the crust that forms on foods cooked in these materials. In all cases, it’s important to remember that foods cooked in low-fat pans aren’t inherently “low-fat,” the fat content of which is simply reduced. It is perfectly possible to prepare high fat foods in a fat frying pan if you use a fat recipe.

Because the pan is perforated and double-walled, it can change the texture of the resulting foods. Bread can come out with a thinner crust and lighter crumb, for example. Meatloaf tends to become dry when cooked in a greasy pan, as the fat in the meatloaf drains, rather than hydrating the loaf as it cooks. You may need to tweak your favorite recipes slightly to compensate for using a pan with fat.

Many kitchen supply stores carry these special cookware and they can also be ordered online. You may want to check the care instructions to see whether or not the pan is dishwasher safe and examine the perforations in the pan to make sure they are easy to clean. If there are grooves or channels, the pan could collect grease and dirt that could be difficult to clean.

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