What’s a guide frame?

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The drive frame is crucial in mining as it drives additional conveyor segments and keeps the system steady and secure. It must be made from strong materials, contain few bolted parts, and be compatible with the carrier system. Bushings are used to allow movement and can be replaced easily.

A drive frame is an integral part of the mining process because it drives the necessary additional segments of the conveyor system that must be added as the mine depth increases. A conveyor system that runs just short of the length of the mine shaft needs to be held steady and secure, so as to avoid shocks with the transfer of mined material. The conveyor system must also be guided in such a way that, as the conveyor system stretches with the depth of the mine shaft, the system does not break away at any point. The driving frame is the essential apparatus for keeping these two factors under control of the mine operator.

The drive frame for the entire conveyor system in a high wall mining project must remain secure and strong. It must be functional, no matter how far or deep the mine shaft penetrates. Consequently, the frame for the conveyor must be manufactured from a material that does not lend itself to weakness or buckling. Most drive frames are therefore made from a special grade of cast iron or steel.

The drive frames also contain as few bolted parts as possible. The absence of bolts is designed to ensure that there is no loosening of the joints which would cause instability. These materials are also essential to the proper manufacture of a reliable frame, because the frame receives extensive and constant use. The material used to create the guide frame must not allow wear or weathering from constant or heavy use.

The drive frame and the carrier system are two separate items, but both are required and both must be designed to be compatible with each other. The transport system rests inside the guide frame, where it is held in position by the only moving parts placed inside the frame itself. These moving parts are called bushings and are usually made of the same cast steel or iron that the frame is made of.

Bushings are subject to wear as they are moving parts. The bushings are held in place by bushing wrenches, allowing them to move while driving the carrier but not to move within the frame. They are located within the guide frame in a position that allows them to be replaced as needed without great expense or loss of time.

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