What’s a half marathon?

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The half marathon is a popular event, approximately 13.11 miles long, requiring less training than a full marathon. Professional athletes participate in them, and there are many popular events worldwide, including the Great North Run and the Mini Marathon. Watching can be enjoyable, too.

The half marathon is essentially a half marathon and can sometimes also be called a mini-marathon. These events are becoming increasingly popular, and sometimes people run a half marathon at the same time as a full marathon. The difference between full and half is quite easy to understand. A half marathon is approximately 13.11 miles (about 21K). Sometimes marathons called mini-marathons are much smaller than these and there are 5K and 10K runs that can be called minis.

The allure of the half marathon is easily understood. They don’t require as extensive training as full marathons, but training is still advisable and it can be very dangerous to try to participate in a long run if a person has not worked hard beforehand to gain the stamina they will need to do it. Many people train together in groups or join marathon training programs to properly prepare for a 21k run. Most of these events also have pre-registration which gives people time to train and some of the more popular half marathons fill up quickly.

As mentioned, these races are popular and are held all over the world. They’re not just for average Joe or Jane. Many professional and semi-professional athletes participate in half and full marathons. Speed ​​records are duly kept in most of them and of course change, as people are able to push the human body to new speeds and new limits of endurance.

There are many popular half marathon events around the world. One of the most popular and which has garnered some of the largest participations is the Great North Run which was founded in 1981. It is held annually in England and runners travel between Newcastle on Tyne and South Shield. In the late 2000s, the number of runners in this marathon exceeded 50,000 people.

In the United States, one of the largest half marathon events is simply called the Mini Marathon. Held annually in Indiana. In the late 2000s, over 40,000 people ran the Mini Marathon, and race participation is even higher.
For those who can’t run the half marathon, there are still plenty of reasons to watch one. It can be fun to cheer on friends who participate, and many of the big marathons have huge exhibits, plenty of delicious food, and plenty to do while people wait.

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