What’s a hooked threader?

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A hook threader is a device used to easily thread fishing line through the eye of a hook. There are various types available, but a plastic hook threader with a funnel-shaped depression is a cheap alternative. It helps those with vision problems or in low light conditions. Some designs include hook sharpeners and knot levels, and some can guide different sized hooks. Needle threaders used for sewing needles can also be adapted to thread fish hooks.

A hook threader is a device used to more easily thread fishing line through the eye of a hook. There are several variations of the hook threader available online and at quality tackle stores, however there is a very inexpensive alternative that may already be in most homes. Commonly made from plastic, the hook threader has a place to hold the hook – some even have small magnets to help the angler with this task – while a funnel-shaped depression is made into the threader at the rear. While the hook is held on the threader, the fishing line is threaded through the depression and directly through the eye of the fish hook.

Some people have trouble seeing the very small eye of a fish hook without magnification. This may be due to general vision problems, old age or low light conditions. Using a hook threader, the line can easily be passed through the smallest of the eyes of the hook with ease, even in total darkness. Different versions of the hook threader are sold in tackle shops and fishing houses around the world and many people who use them highly recommend them to their friends. Some versions of the threader include other features, such as hook sharpeners and knot levels.

Some of the best hook threader designs incorporate a guide for several different sized hooks to be used on the same threader. These are marketed as fully functional threaders. Anglers who struggle with very small eyelets, such as fly anglers and panfish anglers, may have difficulty getting line through the small eyes of their tackle. Many ice anglers have difficulty not only passing a very thin diameter fishing line through the smallest of the fish hook eyes, but also trying to complete the task with very cold hands.

Using a hook threader can make this struggle go away and leave the angler less frustrated and with more time to catch the fish. There may be a solution to this threading difficulty right under the angler’s nose, at his home. Small needle threaders used to thread sewing needles can be adapted to thread fish hooks. By passing the tiny thread guide of the needle threader through the eye of the hook, the fishing line can then be passed through the thread guide of the needle threader. Once the hook threader is pulled off the fish hook, the line is passed through the eye and the hook is threaded.

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