What’s a hotel rate?

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A hotel rate is a list of charges for using hotel services, including room rates, taxes, and fees. It may also include additional costs for meals, room service, and other services. Guests can use the rate to dispute charges and should check for the most recent information.

A hotel rate is a complete list of charges for using hotel services. It includes a room rate disclosure along with other rate information that may be relevant to guests, including discussions of bed fees and similar fees that may be collected by the hotel.
Sometimes hotels are required by law to make all of their rate information available so guests can see the options they can choose and so guests can dispute rates that may differ from those disclosed by the hotel. For example, a hotel may state that premium rooms are available at a fixed rate that is higher during the peak season, and if a guest visits during the off-season and pays the peak rate, they can use the hotel’s published rate to contest the charge. In other cases, a hotel is not required to provide the information, but does so as a courtesy to guests.

The top of the hotel rate usually lists the room prices. In a small hotel, each room can be quoted individually, while others can group rooms by type and have a generic price for all rooms of the same type. Under the rate information, the hotel must mention any taxes and fees it is obligated to collect, such as bed tax or value added tax (VAT). The rate also details what is included in the disclosed rates, such as breakfast, bathrobes, use of the hotel pool, etc.

In addition to general room rate information, a hotel rate should include a breakdown of the rates and additional costs that guests may incur while staying at the hotel. These can include expenses for meals not included in the flat rate, room service, phone calls, and so on. The rate may also include services offered by the hotel such as dry cleaning, the ability to make reservations on behalf of guests, a concierge medical service, and so on.

When researching hotels, it’s worth looking very closely at the hotel rate card, as it can provide useful information. Especially for travelers unfamiliar with the rules of foreign hotels, for example, it can be helpful to know that a fee will be collected at checkout or that hotel rates do not include some amenities travelers may have come to expect at home their nations. Researchers should also confirm that they’re looking at the most recent rate schedule available from the hotel, as rates can and do change.

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