What’s a jackhammer?

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A jackhammer is a pneumatic device that uses highly pressurized air to shape, engrave or polish metal. It has variable bits and requires caution when in use. Different metals require different PSI levels. Considerations when purchasing include blows per minute, air consumption, and weight. It provides a safer and easier alternative to traditional forging.

A jackhammer is any device that uses highly pressurized air to drive a hammer into a workpiece for shaping, engraving, or filling (polishing). This pneumatic device allows a craftsman to shape a piece of metal in minutes that would otherwise take hours or days, and a lot of physical effort, to form by hand.
When someone uses a jackhammer, they hit a workpiece several thousand times per second, with pressures generally around several dozen PSI (pounds per square inch). Portable tools must be connected to hoses that lead to air tanks that supply pressurized air. Some are also called electric hammers.

Jackhammers have variable bits. Shaping and smoothing require a hammer bit, while a chisel bit is used for engraving or cutting. Whichever bit is used, it will be struck thousands of times per minute into the targeted object, so human operators must exercise caution and caution.

For simple filling jobs, low pressures can be used. Soft metals like aluminum and copper are easy to shape or polish. Stronger metals, such as stainless steel, and heavy shaping jobs require the hammer to be set at the highest PSI levels, consuming pressurized air more quickly.

People considering purchasing a specific model should consider blows per minute including chisels or hammer bits, air consumption, maximum working pressure, air intake size, hose size recommended, the weight and the product code. It is also possible for craftsmen to build jackhammers themselves, and the plans can be found online.

The jackhammer is a technological advance that allows craftsmen to shape metal in many cases without heating it as in a traditional forge. This provides a safer working environment and also greater ease of use.

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