What’s a jogger stroller?

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Jogging strollers allow parents to exercise while spending time with their babies. They have a three-wheeled design with a handrail and canopy. There are heavy-duty and lightweight models for different terrains. Running with a stroller can provide a tougher workout, but it’s not recommended for babies under six to twelve months. They’re not suitable for crowded places. Parents can maintain their fitness regimen while positively influencing their children.

Jogging strollers are strollers or prams designed to help parents become physically fit or maintain their healthy lifestyle. Because of their strange streamlined shape, moms and dads can walk, run or rollerblade while pushing their babies. This, of course, means that quality family time doesn’t have to be sacrificed to an exercise regimen.
Jogging strollers, also known as running buggies, are easily identified by their three-wheeled design, with one large wheel in the front and two smaller wheels in the back. There is also a sturdy handrail at the back to allow for easier pushing when jogging. Most have hoods or heavy canopies so your little one is protected from the sun while you exercise.

There are strollers of different shapes and sizes for all situations and workouts. For the adventurous jogger, there’s a heavy-duty model, with a 20″ wheel, complete with shock absorbers and dirt deflectors for rough, wooded trails. One can also purchase a less expensive, lightweight jogging stroller with a 16-inch wheel suitable for jogging or brisk walking in the park.

Many runners feel that the resistance encountered with the weight of the jogging stroller presents them with a tougher workout. There have been a few cases of runners whose training while using a jogging stroller has resulted in a faster run time during races.

Of course, there are other considerations as well. Many doctors and safety experts actually advise against running with a jogging stroller for babies younger than six to twelve months. You may want to check with your child’s pediatrician first. The constant motion of jogging is not safe or comfortable for young children. Make sure the stroller is equipped with a shoulder harness so that the child is not bumped and pushed. You should also invest in a small helmet to protect his little head.

While jogging strollers are fine for running in the park or even strolling around the neighborhood, they’re not ideal for busy places like malls or even restaurants. The long front wheel area makes maneuvering around people awkward and it’s easy to bump into others. You might even run on a finger or two. Many parents who own a jogging stroller also have a smaller umbrella stroller in the trunk of their cars for shopping malls, shops and restaurants.

If you’re a runner, there’s no reason to give up your fitness regimen because you have young children. Take them with you in a jogging stroller. Not only will they enjoy the ride, but they will be positively influenced by your healthy lifestyle!

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