What’s a jump shot?

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The jump shot is a popular basketball shooting method where a player leaps into the air and releases the ball before landing. It originated in the 20th century and is used at all competitive levels. Correct form and strength are necessary for success, and variations like the forward jump and fade can be effective. The jump shot replaced the set shot and drive shot, and players with a good jumper have an offensive advantage.

A jump shot is a type of basketball shot in which a player leaps into the air and releases the ball before coming back down. It originated in the first half of the 20th century and is today the prevalent shooting method used by players at all competitive levels. When executed correctly, a jumper allows the offensive player to shoot over a defender, but requires enough force to get the ball to the edge without pushing off the legs. Different variations of the jumper allow players to get the shot under any circumstances.

Until the creation of the jump shot, most basketball players used a set shot or drive shot to get the ball to the rim, keeping their feet on the ground and using their legs to help propel the ball toward the basket. Several innovators started shooting jump shots in the 1930s and ’40s, and the shot was popularized by Paul Arizin, who played for the Philadelphia Warriors of the National Basketball Association in the 1950s and ’60s, and Rick Mount , a Purdue University star in the late 1960s. Although the set shot is still used in lower levels of play such as a youth league, the evolution of the game has propelled the jumper to the forefront of modern professional, college, and high school basketball.

The correct method for shooting a jump shot requires a player to leap off the court from both feet. He should try to release the ball at the apex of his jump, both to evade the outstretched arms of the defenders and to get maximum consistency for the shot. Correct form must be maintained when the shot is released. This means that the player should have their body balanced and aligned with the basket with their eyes on the target and their shooting hand elbow aligned with the basket. The non-shooting hand should support the ball. At the top of the jump, the ball should be released from the fingertips as the player continues to follow.

Any player who has perfected the jump shot will have an offensive advantage due to the ability to execute the shot under most circumstances. A shooter with a good jumper also forces the defense to guard more closely, which opens up the opportunity to drive to the field goal for a higher percentage layup or slam dunk. Players need to have enough strength in both their arms and wrists to attempt shots from longer distances, which is why younger players generally start out with string shots or close-quarter jumpers.

Variations on the common jump shot allow a player to cause even more trouble for the defense. A forward jump comes when a player catches the ball with his basket and then turns to shoot a defender in one quick motion. Another effective move is the fade, which is when a player pulls a jumper while walking away from the basket. It’s an effective maneuver to keep a defender from blocking a shot, although it takes great skill to shoot it accurately.

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