What’s a kickflip?

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A kickflip is a popular skateboarding trick involving flipping the board into the air while spinning. It starts with an ollie and is performed by pushing down on the back of the board and flipping it with the front foot. There are many variations, including doubleflips and heelflips. The ollie kickflip was invented by Rodney Mullen in the 1980s, while the old-school kickflip was created by Kurt Lindgren in the 1970s. The old-school kickflip is achieved by standing motionless on the board and flipping it with the toe of one foot.

A kickflip, sometimes called a magic flip, is a popular skateboarding trick. Considered one of the coolest tricks, it is often photographed. A kickflip involves a skateboarder flipping their board into the air while spinning or spinning underneath them.
This trick is performed by the skateboarder using the back foot to push down on the board and blow it off the ground while the front foot or ankle flips or spins the board while the rider is in the air. A clean kickflip is when the rider completes the trick with ease and finishes it by landing on the board, continuing to pedal.

The kickflip is based on another trick called the ollie. An ollie is accomplished when a skateboarder uses his or her weight to push down on the back of the board by pushing it into the air with feet still attached. Both rider and board then complete the trick by landing together. It’s like jumping without the skateboard leaving your feet.

A kickflip starts with the ollie and adds the spin of the board under the rider during the jump. Since the kickflip incorporates the ollie, it is also referred to as a kickflip ollie.
There are many variations of the kickflip. It is the first of the flip tricks that many skateboarders attempt. A doubleflip involves two flips of the board while in the air. Tripleflips or quadflips are achieved by flipping the board three and four times while the skateboarder is in the air. A heelflip is when the board is turned in the opposite direction.

Rodney Mullen is credited with inventing the ollie kickflip in the early 1980s. His trick is not the first to bear the name of kickflip. The original kickflip was created by Kurt Lindgren and appeared on the skateboard scene in the 1970s. That move is now commonly referred to as an old-school kickflip. The old-school kickflip gained widespread popularity among skateboarders in the 1970s earning Lindgren the nickname “Mr. kick off.”

An old-school kickflip differs from an ollie kickflip. The old school trick is achieved by the rider standing motionless on the skateboard. Alternatively, the cyclist could move but very slowly. With both feet centered on the board, the toe of one foot is used to flip the board as the rider leaps into the air and lands on the board.

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