What’s a Laptop?

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A laptop is a portable computer with a separate display and keyboard. It’s larger than a laptop but smaller than a desktop PC, and can have plug-in slots for add-on cards. Laptops use an ATX motherboard and PS/2 power supply, and are popular due to their mobility and ergonomic design.

A laptop is a computer designed to be easily transported from place to place. These computers contain a separate display and keyboard. They may also be referred to as a mobile computer, portable workstation, portable personal computer (PC), lunchbox computer, or luggable computer.

Many people refer to a laptop as a portable computer. While this is true in the general sense of the phrase, the designation of a laptop computer is usually much more specific. When computer enthusiasts refer to a laptop computer, they are usually referring to computers that are larger than laptops but smaller than the standard desktop personal computer. Many of these laptops are large enough that they require handles or other modifications to make them easier for the device owner or carrier to carry.

Some people argue that the biggest advantage of using a laptop over other portable computers such as laptops is that laptops contain standard motherboards or backplanes. These allow for plug-in slots for add-on cards. You can then add test cards, analog-to-digital (A/D) cards, and communication protocol cards (IEEE-488, 1553) to your computers. Those looking for more disk space and storage can get it using a laptop, because laptops use standard drives and can have more than one memory card.

Laptops are bigger than laptops, but that’s not the only difference. Laptop computers can be further distinguished from laptops in that they do not rely on battery power. Laptops use an ATX motherboard and an IBM Personal Series/2 (PS/2) power supply.

Other computers may be referred to as laptops or mobile computers, although their designations as such may be controversial. These computers include the laptop, sub-notebook, pocket computer, personal digital assistant (PDA), and wearable computer. Many of these are the size of a laptop or smaller and appear to be a handy cross between a laptop and a PDA device. Spin-offs of these devices, such as the Tablet PC, can also be grouped into this category.
Laptops have become more popular among members of the public, and one of the main reasons is that they are more likely to complement the modern, mobile lifestyle. Technological advances, such as the advent of wireless Internet and its implementation in public and private places, also contribute to the attractiveness of laptop computers. Many laptops are designed with ergonomics in mind, so prospective computer owners should explore their laptop options before looking into standard desktop computers.

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