What’s a launch net?

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Cast nets are fishing nets used in shallow water for recreational fishing. They have been used for thousands of years and are of historical interest. The net is a circle with weighted edges and is attached to a line for retrieval. Cast nets are difficult to handle and prone to tangling, but can be enjoyable to use. They are not used in commercial fishing due to labor intensity and bycatch. Cast nets are effective in water as deep as the diameter of the net.

A cast net is a fishing net designed to be cast into shallow water and then recast with a load of fish. People have used nets for thousands of years, as mosaics from ancient Greece, Rome and China indicate, and they continue to be popular for recreational fishing. Cast nets are not used much in the commercial fishing industry, because they are labor intensive, but they are often displayed in fishing museums and fishing company headquarters as they are of historical interest.

A basic net is a giant circle of net with weighted edges. The net is attached to a line so it can be retrieved and another line is attached to a drawstring which can be used to close the net, trapping the fish inside. As a general rule, a cast net is designed to be cast by hand, but a net shooter or net shooter can also be used, especially for large nets, which can be difficult to handle.

These nets are designed for use in shallow water free from obstructions such as reeds, rocks or submerged logs. To use a cast net, the fisherman casts the lightweight net into the water, where it spreads out and begins to settle very quickly, thanks to the weighted edges. As the net approaches the bottom, it is closed and reeled in with a load of fish.

Learning to handle a fused network can take time. These nets are prone to tangling if not handled and stored carefully, and large nets can be difficult to work with. Cast nets also need to be checked regularly for holes that need repairing, otherwise the fish could slip out and you need to be strong enough to pull the net in, as the net can get very heavy with a full load of fish. Cast nets are also prone to bycatch of unwanted fish, as there is no way to control which species end up in the net.

Some people enjoy learning how to use a net because they have an interest in old-fashioned fishing techniques, and it can be enjoyable to work with a net once you get the hang of it. Nets are also seen cast in television stories of survivors stranded on remote islands and in books on the same subject. Incidentally, should you find yourself in such a situation, you may want to be aware that cast nets are most effective in water as deep as the diameter of the net.

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