What’s a lumberjack contest?

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Lumberjack competitions involve various events related to the lumber industry, including sawing, chopping, and climbing. These competitions date back to the 1800s and are judged on speed. They are open to both men and women, with separate divisions for women. Competitors must be precise, quick, and highly skilled. The Stihl Timbersports event is a notable competition sponsored by a logging equipment manufacturer. Participating in these competitions can be interesting for those interested in the history of logging.

A lumberjack competition is a sporting event in which competitors demonstrate their skills in a variety of events associated with the lumber industry. The events in a lumberjack competition tend to be quite varied, but typically include work with saws and axes, as well as skill displays involving moving rough timber around the competition site and climbing poles. Lumberjacks may be involved in the lumber industry in some way, or they may simply be talented athletes who enjoy the demands of logging competitions.

The origins of such competitions date back to the 1800s, when loggers often gathered to show off their skills. In the late 20th century, loggers began sponsoring formal logging events, both to raise awareness of the logging industry and to celebrate the legacy of logging. A lumberjack event typically includes events for singles, duos, and team competitors, and most are also open to women, although women generally compete in a separate division.

Lumberjack competition events are judged on speed. The goal is to get through the event as quickly as possible without incurring injury and perform the task as instructed. Competitors can do things like sawing logs with the chainsaw, using hand saws to cut lumber, or chopping and chopping lumber with axes. In events like the single buck, a single logger has to quickly saw through a log with a hacksaw, while team events include things like precision logging as a group. A lumberjack event also usually includes rock climbing, demonstrating the ability to climb a tree quickly and safely, and people may participate in log throwing and caber tossing events to demonstrate they can move lumber in the field.

People competing in a lumberjack competition must be precise, quick, agile and highly skilled. Many forest departments send students to compete in such events, where they face loggers and foresters who work with timber on a daily basis. One notable logging competition, the Stihl Timbersports event, is sponsored by a logging equipment manufacturer and draws elite athletes to the field.

Participating in a logging competition can be very interesting, especially for people interested in the history of logging. Competitors demonstrate skills that have been used in forestry for centuries and some are often willing to talk to participants about the events and required skills.

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