What’s a luxury box?

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A luxury box, also known as a luxury suite or private box, offers excellent viewing and amenities at sporting events, but is expensive to rent. They can accommodate up to 30-40 people and come with a full bar, private bathrooms, catering, and televisions. Some stadiums have attempted to place luxury boxes on one side of the pitch to give less affluent fans a chance to have the same view. However, some fans may get annoyed if a luxury box prevents them from seeing the sporting event from the correct side of the stadium.

A luxury box is a closed box in a sports stadium. This can also be called a luxury suite, a private box or a corporate box. The luxury box usually offers excellent viewing of sporting events and also tends to offer many other amenities not available to the average sports fan.
A luxury box is normally quite expensive. In smaller stadiums, the luxury box can be rented for around 10,000 US dollars (USD) a year. In the largest stadiums, prices for the luxury box can run into the millions of dollars. Companies often purchase a luxury box to woo customers or reward cash-generating employees.

Some luxury boxes have more amenities than others. Stadiums can build several club suites and several executive suites that can be rented out at different prices. Club suites may offer fewer suites or forego catering. Executive suites, by contrast, tend to offer a lot more seating and more frills.

Huge revenue is generated from selling or leasing one of these types of boxes. For example, Brewer’s Stadium in Milwaukee charged a million dollars to rent an executive suite in 2000. They quickly made millions of dollars from the sale of their executive and club suites.

A luxury box offers several services as well as preferential seating. They usually come with a full bar and possible a bartender. They have private bathrooms, so that luxury box renters don’t have to queue at regular public bathrooms. Catering is also usually offered. Many luxury boxes can accommodate up to 30-40 people. They are also usually equipped with several televisions, so the sporting event can be seen live and minute footage can be watched more closely.

Sports fans who can’t afford a luxury box can often be annoyed that this large exclusive collection of seating makes it difficult for other spectators to see a game. Some of the newer stadiums have attempted to rectify this by placing the luxury box on one side of the pitch only. This gives less affluent fans a chance to have the same view.

However, sports fans often want to sit on the “side” of their home team. Seats at the stadium are usually split down the middle, with those supporting the home team or visitors sitting on different sides of the stadium. Some avid fans may get annoyed if a fancy box prevents them from seeing the sporting event from the correct side of the stadium. Big stadiums say the prices they charge for the luxury boxes help keep ticket prices low for fans with lighter wallets.

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