What’s a mailing list?

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Targeted mailing lists are used in marketing and politics to reach specific groups of people based on shared attributes. They can be obtained from various sources and are more cost-effective than other forms of advertising. They can also be used for phone or email campaigns.

A targeted mailing list is a type of mailing list that targets a certain group of people based on some attribute they share, such as age, location, or shopping patterns. A mailing list has many applications, particularly in marketing and politics. By targeting an ad, marketing is targeted to those most likely to be interested, saving money by avoiding those who aren’t.

Mailing lists can be used in many ways. A supermarket might want to advertise a special sale for frequent shoppers within a few miles of the store. It can build a list of shoppers in the same zip code who spent over $100 last week. In politics, a candidate may want to send a mailing to voters in a county who are frequent voters. He could create a list of people in the same political party who voted in the last three elections.

Advertisers can get addresses for mailing lists from a variety of places. Some internal organizations have mailing lists, which can be sorted by specific desired attributes. Several companies sell or rent their mailing lists to advertisers. Other possible sources of mailing list information include past sales records, memberships in organizations, or donations made to charities. This information can be collected into a database, where it can be sorted in almost any way possible. Segmenting and identifying the right group of recipients is a key to defining

mailing lists work.

A mailing list can be more cost-effective than other forms of advertising. By reaching out directly to a specific group of people, an advertiser can avoid the cost of sending the ad to many people who ignore it. It also helps marketers tailor their message to a specific group of people, making the ad more relevant and perhaps more likely to be read than a message simply sent to everyone. By advertising more efficiently to smaller groups of people and using services like bulk mail to reduce costs, advertisers can get better results while saving money.

While mailing lists are often created to send printed items, the same concept can be used to spread a message by phone or email. Using email is particularly easy as marketers can sort and build a list, write a mailing and deliver it to recipients, all from the same computer.

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