What’s a maintenance scheduler’s role?

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A maintenance planner coordinates work crews or service vehicles, communicates with teams, uses communication devices and computer programs, and interacts with customers. High school completion is required, and an associate degree or professional certificate may be needed. The planner works for businesses dispatching work crews or vehicles and designs daily schedules, coordinates with teams, and handles paperwork. Customer service experience is preferred, and industry-specific knowledge may be required.

A maintenance planner is a person who coordinates and dispatches work crews or service vehicles for a variety of purposes, depending on the company or company the person works for. The maintenance planner will need to be organized and efficient, as well as a good communicator and team player. He or she will be responsible for the use of communication devices such as radios or telephones, and the planner must also be able to use common computer programs such as word processing and spreadsheet programs. Completion of high school will generally be required to become a scheduler.

In some cases, a candidate may need to earn an associate degree or professional certificate to become a maintenance scheduler. In rare cases, a person may be required to obtain a bachelor’s degree, although most jobs do not require this. The maintenance planner will work for any business that regularly dispatches work crews or service vehicles such as fire departments, police departments, repair companies, installation companies or even delivery companies. The maintenance planner will need to know the location of all work crews and vehicles at all times, and he or she will design and implement a daily schedule for those workers and vehicles.

The maintenance planner can also routinely interact with work crews and drivers to advise them on the best routes to specific locations, the status of traffic or weather conditions, or changes to the day’s schedule. Before teams set out on a specific job, the planner can coordinate with those teams to determine what equipment should be brought along for the job. All paperwork associated with dispatching work crews and equipment will be the responsibility of the scheduler, and if work crews need to complete any paperwork, the scheduler should ensure that they collect these documents in an appropriate time frame.

It is likely that the maintenance planner will also need to interact with customers. Often, companies hiring for these positions tend to have experience in customer service, as the scheduler will need to make adjustments to work orders as determined by customers, handle customer complaints appropriately, and essentially ensure customer satisfaction in every moment. Other planner responsibilities may vary by specific industry; some may need to know local laws and regulations, and others may need to know fire and police codes for dispatch purposes.

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