What’s a Mortgage Co.?

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A mortgage company specializes in providing and servicing mortgages for real estate, and may also offer home equity loans and lines of credit. They may act as agents for lenders or be subsidiaries of larger banking companies, and must comply with applicable lending standards and regulations.

A mortgage company is a finance business that focuses on providing and servicing mortgages on various types of real estate. Rather than offering a wide variety of financial services, this type of direct lender will typically help customers evaluate various mortgage options when buying a new home or refinancing an existing mortgage. Some such companies will also help customers compare various types of home equity loans and establish lines of credit based on the current equity held in a given property. A mortgage company may specialize in residential or commercial mortgage options or provide mortgage support to both types of customers.

The operating structure of a mortgage company can take many forms. Some of these companies work more like agents or brokers for different lenders. In this scenario, loan officers help customers evaluate their needs, as well as evaluate their current financial circumstances and creditworthiness. From there, the officers try to match customers with one or more mortgage offers provided by various lenders. In return for these efforts, the mortgage company charges a fee that is paid by the customer or institution that ultimately grants the mortgage loan.

There are also cases where a mortgage company is a subsidiary or sister company of a larger banking company. In this case, the company usually acts as the exclusive agent for the mortgage options offered by that bank. The same basic strategy is used here. The potential borrower’s creditworthiness and general financial situation is assessed and, if deemed reliable, the loan officer recommends one or more mortgage options provided by the sister bank.

In all its incarnations, the mortgage company seeks to educate commercial and residential customers about their options, provide assistance in arranging financial affairs so that they obtain the best possible mortgage, and generally ensure that the relationship between the lender and the debtor is mutually beneficial. As part of this process, the company must comply with applicable lending standards and regulations in any geographic area in which it operates. This means that international companies must comply with the rules established in each country in which it is established, including paying corporation tax and filing a company return in accordance with those laws. Failure to comply with government regulations may result in fines or possibly losing the right to do business within that country.

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