What’s a motor yacht?

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A yacht was originally a fast, light sailing vessel for important persons. Today, it includes sail, power, or both. A motor yacht is a large boat powered by a diesel or gasoline engine, offering comfort and spacious living areas. Its value is determined by sundeck, flybridge, and covered aft deck dimensions. The typical cruising speed is within the 20 knot range, and it’s best to buy a smaller one first due to high costs.

A yacht was originally defined as “a fast, light sailing vessel used to transport important persons.” The word yacht is derived from the Dutch word Jacht, which means “hunt” or “hunter.” Today, word has spread to embrace a broader range of vessels, be it sail, power or both. A yacht that is not powered by sails and wind is known as a motor yacht.

A motor yacht generally has a comfortable feel. The typical model offers two staterooms separated by the full length of the yacht, as well as a spacious living room in the middle. Cabins are generally similar to hotel suites.

This ship is basically a large boat powered by a diesel or gasoline engine. It can vary greatly in size, from 27 feet (about 8.23 ​​meters) to 80 feet (about 24.38 meters). The average size, however, is about 44 feet (about 13.41 meters). Most motor yachts have average gasoline tanks capable of holding 300 gallons (approximately 1,136 liters). Most can travel 0.5 to 0.75 of a mile on a gallon of fuel (approximately 0.21 to 0.32 km/liter).

Most yachting enthusiasts agree that a motor yacht’s value is determined by the dimensions of its sundeck, flybridge, and covered aft deck. A boat that contains these features is designed to provide space and comfort. On a sizeable yacht, the open bridge seats eight people and the poop deck and foredeck are usually open.

Typical cruising speed for a motor yacht is within the 20 knot range with average weight and sea state conditions. The maximum speeds can be between 25 and 30 knots, depending on the model. Higher cruising and top speeds are available on some models, especially those designed for racing.

Most are most fuel efficient when traveling at speeds of 8-10 knots, which is the average trolling speed. The higher the speed traveled, the more fuel the boat burns. For more detailed fuel ranges, one should consult the manufacturer.

When considering buying a motor yacht, it’s usually best to buy a smaller one first. A larger ship can cost up to several million US dollars. There are also other cost factors to consider such as slip charter fees, where the yacht will be stored, and annual maintenance. This maintenance includes cleaning and scraping the boat once or twice a year. The current high price of gasoline also makes a bigger boat more expensive.

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