What’s a mummy bag?

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Mummy bags are sleeping bags that narrow at both ends to conserve heat and are usually rated for extremely cold climates. They are made of water-resistant material filled with down or polyfill and quilted to prevent lumps. Mummy bags are highly compressible and come in different colors. They should be aired and washed if wet to ensure longevity.

A sleeping bag is a type of sleeping bag that narrows at both ends to conserve heat, making it look a bit like an Egyptian mummy. Many sleeping bag manufacturers make mummy bags, which are usually rated for extremely cold climates. A variety of materials are used to make mummy bags and covers, to meet the different needs of consumers. Consumers can order mummy bags directly from the manufacturer or visit an outdoor supply store to purchase one.

The narrow bottom of the mummy bag prevents heat loss through your feet. The top of the bag usually features a hood, so that the sleeper’s body can be covered from head to toe, usually with a small opening for the face. The side of the mummy bag opens and lowers, like a normal sleeping bag, allowing people to get in and out easily. Because of the highly thermally efficient design, mummy bags are the sleeping bags of choice for very cold environments.

A basic mummy bag is usually made of water-resistant material filled with down or polyfill and quilted so the fill doesn’t settle into lumps inside the sleeping bag. Depending on the stuffing and fabrics used, a mummy may require special washing techniques. Many companies encourage the use of a sleeping bag liner that can be easily washed, allowing people to keep their sleeping bags hygienic. Sleeping bag liners can be made from cotton, flannel, or synthetic materials. In hot weather, some people like to sleep in sleeping bags, using the mummy bag as a floor mat.

A mummy’s design is usually highly compressible, so it can be packed into a very small bag. This also leaves an RV with plenty of room to pack other vital supplies like food, water and a stove. The bags come in an assortment of colors and some campers even stick identification tags on their mummy bags to avoid any confusion.

Like all sleeping bags, a mummy bag will last longer if well cared for. After camping, the mummy bag should be aired before being stored. If the mummy bag has gotten wet, it should also be washed to ensure the filling is clean and dry so no mold will grow inside the sleeping bag. Many manufacturers offer a warranty, so that if the bag tears or gets damaged in any way, it can be sent back to the factory for repair or replacement.

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