What’s a Parkour Park?

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Parkour is a sport originating from France that involves running, jumping, flipping, and climbing over urban obstacles. Parkour parks are designed with gaps, ladders, ledges, rails, and walls for athletes to practice and learn new moves. These parks also offer lessons and competitions for experienced athletes.

Parkour is a sport that originated in France and has steadily grown in popularity across much of the world. Practitioners of this sport use various urban obstacles to run, jump, flip and climb to perform stunts. A parkour park is designed to provide many obstacles similar to those found in urban landscapes. These parks are made specifically for parkour purposes and often contain things like gaps, ladders, ledges, rails, and walls. Parkour athletes can visit them to practice and learn new moves to further improve their skills.

Gaps are one of the most common features of a parkour park. They are designed to allow athletes to jump and perform movements such as somersaults. Most gaps will provide the athlete with the ability to creatively customize their moves. He will usually land in a particular way to absorb the shock and move on to the next trick.

Ladders and ledges are also an important part of a parkour park. They offer numerous possibilities for athletes to perform stunts. Successfully overcoming these obstacles in parkour stunts usually requires the athlete to develop ample speed. Often times, ladders will be used to jump down and ledges will be used to catapult.

Another common component of a parkour park is the use of rails. Parkour athletes can use handrails and jungle gym-like railings to perform a myriad of tricks. They can be used to jump, jump or swing. Most of the more technically complicated tricks are performed on rails.

Inside the park, there is usually a wall strategically set up for athletes to perform stunts. Many times an athlete will sprint up to a wall and do some kind of somersault before running towards another obstacle. The wall and all of the previously mentioned obstacles are used in succession to create a balanced parkour course.

Many parkour parks also offer lessons and other instruction from established athletes. Learning the basic moves and skills of parkour can be difficult and often dangerous at first. That’s why fundamentals lessons can be of great help to beginners in learning the ropes safely while preventing injuries.
Also, some parks have occasional competitions between experienced parkour athletes. These are sometimes called face-offs and have athletes performing as part of different teams. Comparisons allow athletes to showcase the skills and talents they’ve learned, which can also be beneficial for those just starting out. Winners are usually awarded some type of prize or money.

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