What’s a Peanut Machine?

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A peanut machine can dispense peanuts for sale or prepare them for sale as a snack. It can be a self-service dispenser that accepts coins or a machine that roasts and flavors peanuts. It can also grind peanuts into peanut butter. Maintenance involves emptying the gearbox and filling the hopper with peanuts.

A peanut machine can be a commercial self-service dispenser for selling peanuts, or it can be equipment designed to somehow prepare the sale of peanuts for sale, usually as part of a food stand. As a dispenser, a peanut machine generally accepts one type of coin, token, or cash and then dispenses a predefined amount of peanuts directly into the hands of the person using the machine. When used as part of a food stand, a peanut machine can be a combination of equipment designed to roast or flavor peanuts so they can be sold as a snack. In some cases, a peanut machine may also be a self-serve device that uses gears to grind peanuts into peanut butter.

The simplest type of peanut machine is a peanut dispenser. This can be a tabletop unit or a freestanding model which normally has a transparent area where you can load peanuts and a hidden mechanism that exchanges money for peanuts. One guy takes a single coin into a slot that’s connected to a knob that needs to be turned. When the dial turns, the coin is dropped into a compartment inside the machine, and the turning dial briefly opens a door to the peanut hopper, which then drops the peanuts down a chute. The person using the machine can then open a door at the bottom of the chute and retrieve the peanuts.

When used as a dispenser, a peanut machine looked a lot like a gumball dispenser, except it’s designed to release more than one peanut at a time. The machines are found in plastic, cast iron and wood. They are often mounted in display cases, but can also be found in bars or taverns where customers can easily drop in a coin and receive a handful of peanuts. For maintenance, the machine can be opened, usually with a key, so that the gearbox compartment can be emptied and the hopper filled with peanuts.

If the peanut machine is part of a food stand or concession, it could be a machine designed to slowly roast and salt peanuts so they can be sold. These machines sometimes have moving conveyor belts or a rotating arm that keeps the peanuts constantly moving so they don’t burn. When a purchase is made, the prepared peanuts are collected in a bag or box by someone tending the machine and delivered to the customer.

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