What’s a Personal Assistant Business?

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Personal assistant companies provide administrative assistants to business executives. They require good communication and computer skills. Most start as a one-person operation, but can grow as the business expands. They offer both short-term and long-term assistants, and can be virtual. Marketing is essential for success, and cold calling is a classic way to gain new clients.

A personal assistant company is a company that provides business executives with administrative assistants. Rather than doing general administrative work, personal assistants work directly with supervisors or business managers to help keep them organized and on top of things. Personal assistants must have good communication and computer skills. A personal assistant company is usually small and run by one person.

At least in the startup phase, most personal assistant businesses are started and managed by an individual who personally assists new clients. As the business of personal assistants grows, it is likely that the company will continue to add assistants as needed. The number of workers needed often depends on whether most personal assistant assignments are short-term or long-term.

A personal assistant company usually offers clients both long-term and short-term assistants. Companies often hire many full-time personal assistants, while short-term help may be needed to cover staff vacations. Many personal assistant companies are virtual, which means they can help companies anywhere in the world with the use of a computer. Some nations, including Europe, the United States and Japan, now outsource some of their personal assistants, meaning they can hire independent contractors from countries like India.

There are not many overhead costs required for a virtual personal assistant start-up business. Generally, only computer and telephone equipment is needed. Some personal assistant companies operate virtually and work with clients in person.

Personal assistant companies need to constantly market their services to secure enough business. Most personal assistant companies have a website. They can write and publish informative articles on website directories with a link to their website as a way to get new leads. A personal assistant company that deals with clients personally might run ads in local newspapers. Personal assistance business owners can leave their business cards with potential customers, such as companies in nearby office buildings.

Cold calling is a classic way for companies to get in touch with new potential customers. It involves first researching who to call what business before calling. The next step is for the caller to introduce himself and mention his business. The caller may ask to send potential customers more information about products and services, as well as, hopefully, set up an appointment with the customer. This is generally a good method for personal assistant companies to gain new clients, as the company called may be looking to add new assistants or need a source to go to when they will need more.

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