What’s a Pistachio?

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Pistachios are grown commercially in the US, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Greece, and Italy. 98% of US pistachios are grown in California. They are sold in various forms and used in cooking and baking. The Kerman variety is predominant in the US. Some pistachios are dyed red for aesthetics, but it can negatively affect the taste.

Pistachios are nuts that are commonly eaten as a snack. They are grown commercially in the United States, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Greece and Italy. In the United States, approximately 98% of all pistachios are grown in California. Commercial growth of pistachios is also limited in Arizona and New Mexico.

Pistachios are grown on trees and have natural shells. The grains inside the shells are a greenish tan. They get their greenish coloration from chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a natural pigment that gives leaves their green colour.

Pistachios are typically sold with the shells partially open and the kernels poking through, making the task of separating the kernels from their shells easy. The shell actually opens itself during the growing process. As the pistachio grows, it expands until it opens its shell.

Sometimes, pistachio shells don’t open on their own. Often, this is caused by immature kernels not growing properly. Such dice should usually be discarded.

Many people are familiar with pistachios with red shells. The red shells are the result of dyeing for aesthetics, not a necessity. Although some like the red color, many believe that the red tint negatively affects the taste of pistachio kernels. Red dye can also stain clothes and hands.

Pistachios aren’t just enjoyed as a snack; they are also used in baking and cooking. Their unique texture and coloring make them a popular addition to salads and appetizers. They’re also a frequent addition to appetizers and desserts.

Pistachios are sold in many different forms. You can find them roasted, with or without salt, and raw. You can even find them covered in candy. For those who prefer to avoid shells, pistachios can be purchased unshelled.

Pistachios can usually be purchased in supermarkets, grocery stores and gourmet food stores. They can also be found in candy and nut stores, as well as from a variety of online vendors. Pistachios can also be purchased from mail order catalogs.

There are many different varieties of pistachios. However, the Kerman variety, grown primarily in California, is predominant in the United States. Pistachios can live a long time. In fact, there are pistachio trees in the Middle East that have been thriving for over two centuries.

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