What’s a plantar fasciitis sock?

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Plantar fasciitis is an inflammatory condition that causes extreme heel pain, commonly caused by long periods of standing, excess body weight, and fallen arches. Orthotic devices such as plantar fasciitis socks can help stretch the Achilles tendon and relieve stress on the plantar fascia, reducing pain and improving flexibility. However, people with certain health conditions should consult a doctor before using them.

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammatory disease that affects the plantar fascia of the foot. This part of the foot is a thick pad of tissue that sits under the heel bone, extending toward the toes. This condition can cause extreme heel pain, particularly when getting up after rest or sleep. Common causes of plantar fasciitis include work that involves long periods of standing or weight bearing, excess body weight, and fallen arches. People with this foot pain sometimes benefit from using a plantar fasciitis sock, a device that helps stretch the Achilles tendon and relieve stress on the plantar fascia.

The plantar fascia provides cushioning to the foot that cushions the heel bone. This part of the foot experiences a lot of physical stress during walking and running, as it is the heel and Achilles tendon that bear the weight when one foot leaves the ground. Because the Achilles tendon shares this function with the plantar fascia, stretching the tendon can help reduce heel pain associated with the condition.

Many types of plantar fasciitis treatment involve the use of orthotic devices that reduce pressure on the plantar fascia, allowing the foot to heal. These devices include special insoles and shoes that support the arch of the foot. At night, plantar splints and similar devices are used to keep the foot flexed during sleep.

An effective way to stretch the tendon and relieve pain is to use a plantar fasciitis sock. The sock conforms to the foot and extends down to the calf and helps support the arch of the foot. At the toe of the sock is a long, elastic strap, which can be attached to a loop fitted to the calf end of the sock. By threading the strap through the loop and tying it tightly, the foot is held securely at a ninety-degree angle to the calf. This way the plantar fasciitis sock also helps to stretch the calf muscle and Achilles tendon.

The main benefit of the plantar fasciitis sock is that if the sock is worn overnight, the foot is held in a flexed position. This helps reduce foot pain that you feel when you wake up. Additionally, when the sock is used regularly over several months, it improves the flexibility of the calf muscle, reducing the severity of the overall condition.

Orthotic devices such as the plantar fasciitis sock are not suitable for use by people with this heel condition. People with diabetes or another disease affecting the circulatory system, pregnant women, and people with other foot problems can risk health complications if they use the sock. These groups of people should consult a doctor before using a plantar sock for plantar fasciitis.

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