What’s a Pulverizer?

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Pulverizing machines crush various materials into small fragments or granules, including glass, concrete, plastic, coal, and medical waste. Different types of machines include hammer mills, ring mills, double roller crushers, granulators, wood pigs, impactors, and shredders. Each machine has a specific purpose, such as reducing aluminum, grinding rocks and minerals, or chopping wood and bark.

Pulverizing machines are used to crush materials into small fragments or granules. They can crush all kinds of objects, including glass, aluminum, concrete, plastic, coal, rock, resin, tires and medical waste. These machines come in different forms. Hammer mills, ring mills, double roller crushers, granulators, wood pigs, impactors and shredders are all different types.

A hammer mill pulverizer can be used to crush minerals, glass, chemicals, cement, metals and paper. Contains a deep basket with a large steel hydraulic ram above the machine. The steel plunger falls with incredible force, demolishing any contents placed underneath into the bin. One shape is commonly used to crush cars.

A ring pulverizer can help reduce aluminum, minerals, coal and recyclables. It has a large rotating steel blade that chops and grinds any object inserted into the roller. Once the items have been ground, they fall into small holes under the rolling blade.

A double roller crusher pulverizer reduces many rocks and minerals. This type contains a bin in the center of the machine, which sits between two large rollers. The rollers grind the items as they are fed into the bin. As the items are ground into pieces, they are pushed out of the machine.

A granulator pulverizer takes care of wire, plastic and rubber. Similar to a shredder, a granulator uses thousands of evenly spaced blades to finely chop material fed into the machinery. Once the material is milled, it can be melted down and reformed into a new product.

A wood hog pulverizer grinds wood and bark. Using high-speed blades, a wood pig grinds wood into small chips. The wood can then be used for mulch, burned or further broken down and made into paper.
An impactor can be used to break down concrete, gypsum, asphalt and aluminum. Using a heavy metal drop arm, he repeatedly breaks the material inside and fractures the object at its weak points. Eventually, the crushed material takes on a square appearance and can be formed into cubic blocks of waste that are easy to remove. An impact pulverizer is commonly used on wet materials due to the machine’s ability to handle moisture.
A pulverizer shredder takes care of metal, tires, plastics, medical waste and paper. Use evenly spaced blades to cut the material into strips. Some contain both vertically and horizontally spaced blades, which leave the worked material looking much like a confetti shape.

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