What’s a quick release steering wheel?

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A quick-release steering wheel allows for easy removal from a racing vehicle, aiding driver entry and exit and assisting in the removal of an injured driver. It is offered in two designs and is used in various racing vehicles worldwide. Its use has aided in driver survival during serious accidents.

A quick release steering wheel is any steering wheel that is mounted on a quick release hub. The hub allows the steering wheel to be removed from the steering shaft with the push of a button or lifting a collar. Used in racing and competition vehicles, the quick-release steering wheel is used to aid driver entry and exit from the tight confines of the race cockpit, as well as assist security personnel in easily removing an injured driver. . Typically offered in one of two designs, a hex or splined hub, the flywheel is also offered in steel or lightweight aluminum for most three-bolt flywheel mounting patterns.

Before the quick-release steering wheel, a racing driver was forced to squeeze himself into the driver’s seat by sliding his body and legs around the steering wheel. This was less dangerous when getting into the vehicle, however, in the event of an accident, this could be a very difficult and dangerous maneuver to perform safely. The permanently mounted steering wheel also hampered rescue attempts of unconscious drivers due to its location directly above the lap seat belt. It was very difficult to remove the seat belts using the seat belt latch and it was even more difficult to cut through a seat belt without damaging the driver’s legs.

One of the key issues drivers face when using a quick release steering wheel in a modern racing car is not getting the stem to lock onto the steering stem correctly at the start of the race. Several instances of a quick-release steering wheel coming off the steering shaft have forced drivers to lose laps and race track positions as they were required to stop at the race track and replace the steering wheel on the steering shaft. direction before continuing in the race.

There is a quick release steering wheel on virtually every racing vehicle in use around the world, from cars to trucks and even boats. The use of the modern quick-release steering wheel in the cockpit cockpits of modern racing vehicles has aided the survival of drivers involved in serious accidents. Allowing a security officer to quickly and safely remove a driver from a vehicle that may be on fire or in any other type of condition that warrants expedited driver removal, the quick release steering wheel is an intricate piece of of the vehicle’s security system. .

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