What’s a rec boat?

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A pleasure boat is a recreational vessel used for the owner’s enjoyment, often equipped with amenities for temporary or permanent residence. It is typically small to moderate in size, with sleeping and kitchen areas, and can be docked at a marina. Upkeep is required but can be minimal.

A pleasure boat is any type of boat that is used specifically for the benefit of the owner. As such, such a vessel is enjoyed for recreational purposes only, and is not used in any kind of money-making business or venture. It will include a full engine and steering controls allowing the boat to be used on lakes, rivers and canals. The pleasure craft can also be used as a temporary or permanent residence for the owner, and is often equipped with amenities not unlike those found in a home, albeit on a smaller scale.

In general, a pleasure craft is understood to be a small to moderate size vessel, generally less than eighty feet in length. A pleasure boat of this size offers ample space for the owner to create comfortable spaces that can be enjoyed over the weekend or a longer period of time. Often the boat will have a sleeping bunker, some type of small kitchen area, and enough space for the owner to enjoy fishing and sunbathing comfortably.

The pleasure craft is also usually small enough to be docked at a marina for long periods of time. Requiring only a moderate amount of space, almost any marina can accommodate vessels like these, such as a yacht. Monthly fees to house a recreational boat are usually reasonable, especially if the owner chooses to make the boat their permanent residence.

A pleasure boat does not necessarily have to cost an exorbitant sum to feel comfortable. Newer models with more amenities will command a higher price, but it is also possible to buy a well-maintained older boat for a modest amount. As long as the recreational craft has a solid engine, sturdy frame, and is generally in good working order, the boat is likely to provide an excellent haven for weekends and summer vacations.

Pleasure boats require upkeep and upkeep to remain seaworthy. However, many types of recreational craft can be maintained with a minimal amount of care for most of the year, and can be carried out for hull scrubbing and other maintenance work annually. Larger marinas will offer these types of services, or at least maintain a list of reputable professionals who can provide maintenance on a regular schedule.

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