What’s a Stunter?

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Stunt riders perform tricks on sport bikes, but doing so on public or private roads can endanger themselves and others. Some argue it gives the motorcycle community a bad name, while others see it as an extreme sport. There are safety devices and well-defined practice areas for commercial stunts. Basic stunts include the wheelie and stoppie, but new tricks are constantly being invented. Inexperienced riders attempting stunts pose a greater risk of injury, and legitimized practice areas should be established.

Stunt riders refer to riders, typically on sport bikes, who perform a variety of stunts on their bikes. This only becomes problematic when such stunts are performed on public or private roads. There are recognized groups of stunt performers who perform professionally, but others who attempt tricks in public areas or on private roads may endanger their health and safety, and the health and safety of others.

For some riders, stuntmen attempting tricks in public areas give the entire motorcycle community a bad name. There are many motorcyclists who ride with the utmost respect for the rules of the road, courtesy towards other drivers and personal safety. Since stunt riders can perform tricks at particularly high speeds with little regard for their own safety or the safety of others, it can paint all riders with the same brush, leaving many feeling that the laws discriminate against them unfairly, or just ordinary people. they do it because of some people’s behavior. Another term applied to the stunter is “squid” which in motorcycle terms can mean a person who purposely rides a motorcycle irresponsibly.

Others argue that learning to perform stunts is an extreme sport, which has been made somewhat easier by advances in the construction of sport bikes. Some tricks are amazing to watch and people have to practice to be able to perform them. Those stunts attempting to achieve commercial success through their sport usually have well-defined practice areas not found on public roads. There are also a variety of safety devices, which can help protect both drivers and bikes if a stunt goes wrong, and until these stunts are practiced on public roads, there is little risk to others.

There are a number of stunts that stuntmen can try to perform. The most basic is the wheelie, where the rider lifts the front of the bike and rides only on the rear wheel. Many variations of the wheelie are exhibited by acrobats including the circle wheelie, in which the rider travels with the front wheel in a complete circle. Other tricks or stunts include the stoppie, in which the rear wheel is lifted off the ground or hung from the handlebars with the hands or feet. There are numerous variations and a seemingly endless series of inventing new tricks as this high-stakes sports field evolves.

The practice of the stunt is controversial because some of the tricks actually pose significant risk to the rider. However, you will see some forms of the same stunts performed at dirt bike races and shows. What many cyclists would like to discourage are new cyclists attempting to become stunt riders, where inexperience is more likely to lead to injury, and if the practice is to be recognised, many argue it should be legitimized with defined areas for practice that do not pose risk to other drivers.

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