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A set square is a triangular drawing aid used for precise angles in technical drawing and math exercises. They come in two common fixed angle combinations and must be placed on a stable surface to draw accurately. They are available in various materials and often purchased in sets with rulers and protractors.

A set square is a drawing aid used for drawing known and pre-set angles in technical drawing and mathematical exercises. The brackets are triangular in shape and typically made of thin plastic, wood, or, less commonly, thin gauge steel. All teams offer three drawing surfaces or planes representing three different angles which always include a right angle. There are two common combinations of fixed square angles, namely the 30°-60°-90° variants and the 45°-45°-90° variants. To use these drawing aids correctly, they must be placed on a stable, level surface such as the cross arm of a T-square at a known angle to the paper before drawing at the desired angle.

Technical drawing and mathematical exercises often require lines to be drawn at precise and precise angles. There are several physical drawing aids used to get these angles accurately drawn, including compasses, protractors, and squares. Compasses and protractors can be used to lay out and draw a wide range of angular planes, but the simplest method for drawing common angles, such as 30°, 45° and 90°, is the square. These drawing aids consist of a flat, triangular shape, typically hollow in the center, and representing a set of three known angles, one of which is always a right angle. Fixed squares can be found in variations of 30°-60°-90° or 45°-45°-90°.

To use squares correctly, they must have one side of the desired angle positioned on a stable, flat baseline, such as the cross arm of a T-square oriented at a known angle typically perpendicular to the paper. A pencil or pen is then used to mark the angle along the other edge of the angle set. In this way, a set of perfectly parallel angles can be drawn anywhere on the map, making complex orthographic projections simple enough to draw. Squares can also be used to draw lines at specific angles to existing lines on a drawing without the use of a T-square, as long as care is taken to align the square accurately with existing lines.

Set squares are available in a variety of sizes and materials, including clear plastic, wood, or even lightweight steel or aluminum. Tools are often purchased in sets that include both common angle combinations along with rulers and protractors. There are also adjustable squares on the market, although they don’t strictly qualify as such since they don’t represent a fixed set of corners.

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